APP – Fruit Factory: Final Idea (Fruit Lives Matter!)

Now that i have done the designs for the main idea, all i really need to do is put them together into what i initally wanted to do which is a contrasting poster between happy and sad/depressing in the work place for prepworld revolving around waste.

Here are the 2 illustrations:

Here is the final main idea:

Fruit Lives Matter1-2.jpg

Only problem with this final design is the English text on it. People who work at PW that speak a different language will probably not understand what the words are saying. Maybe a way to fix this is to just change the text into different languages and have a poster for each main language that works at prepworld.

I thought about that i could make this as a poster for PW or even a vinyl but thats not very hygenic (even a guy from prepworld said that). So i did some research and i thought that because there are alot of metal machinery in prepworld, why cant i do a magnetic type of poster in which is laminated as well. I did a mockup and i think it could potentially work:


I think the only problem with having on the machinery is that it may be a sort of distration to the workers especially when they are handling sharp knives. Dont want any more accidents in the workplace. Another problem is that the bottom design might be a bit too dark for the factory, but it does serve its purpose to humanise the fruit and to send a sad feeling to who ever looks at the design.

Im very happy with how these designs turned out and especially happy that i got to use my graphic tablet. I am also happy that i came to a good idea with such a sort amount of time (we had like 2-3 weeks to complete the individual work and 1 week to complete the group work) and how i developed my sketches and ideas to become the final designs.

Overall i think the design is suitable for prepworld and i think the workers could possibly feel motivate to not waste anymore and to take care of the fruit more.

Here is the PDF for the idea:


Here is the Pecha kucha for the idea:


Here is a summary of what the idea is again:

The main idea for my project is to show the heaven/hell type of scenario for the lives of fruit in relation to where the fruit belong. For example fruit are happier in a container and to them its the place of dreams whereas fruit that has been dropped on the floor and stomped on is a place of nightmares for the fruit. So I wanted to show this as if the fruit are alive.

With this idea, I hope that it can possibly help tackle the reckless waste of fruit within the factory where individuals have dropped fruit on the floor, hopefully this idea will help people take care of fruit more when handling them and to not waste their lives away.

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