APP – Fruit Factory: Feedback

Our group’s Pecha Kucha:


My groups project name was called Fruit beauty and it’s pretty much a beauty pageant but with fruit that has came from all of the world and it’s to show a fun side to the fruit as well as to show that fruit is beautiful and we shouldn’t destroy them in any way which also means preventing waste.

Once as a class we all did our individual group presentations, the clients gave us all feedback on what they liked, disliked and could possibly focus on for when we go and do the individual work. They mentioned things like celebrating employees birthdays was perhaps a bit too personal, another thing was that that they weren’t sure if vinyls would be possible in the actual fruit handling areas for hygiene reasons. They also said something about adding TV screens into most of the rooms in the factory which of coruse led to be able to incorporate animations into the next part of the project in they wanted to. They said that they specifically liked the whole idea revolving around the journey of the fruit and the idea of having the fruit being comical and funny. The client also said that they are trying to prevent more waste in the factory especially when these different fruits have travelled across the planet all to just be accidently dropped on the floor in a factory and tread on. This gave me an idea and a massive reason to further my individual work based along the lines about the waste of fruit made by human error. I also want to try to involve what the clients liked about the idea of the journey of the fruit and the idea being funny and cheerful to look at.

We also looked at the other group presentations and got an idea of what they done and we got to see their feedback as well.

The next part of the project won’t be group work as we will be going off and working individually on our own ideas. Whether or not we use the same sort of ideas from our group design or the other groups, we will help provide the clients with more variety of ideas and designs in the next meeting.


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