Prevention (2 Day Brief)

At the start of the week we had a short ‘surprise’ brief to do. It was a quick 2 day brief that was set but the university to talk about the prevention of radicalisation. We pretty much had to work in our year group to help come up with a quick idea/design to help prevent radicalisation.

Context: The government requires all education institutions to deliver training on the prevent campaign. This is the starting point of the government’s anti-terrorism agenda. West Kent college is aware that the posters for prevent are boring and they have created a competition for all year groups (FE and HE) to deliver an alternative that will catch the interest of the audience.

The audience is the students of West Kent College.

Brief: Work with your classmates to create an interesting design to be an alternative to the current boring or muddling Prevent Posters. The winning design will be made and used within the college.

Day 1

We first went ahead and did a quick exercise with the whole class which involved us doing a bit of divergent thinking. We had these images to look at and within 90 seconds one at a time, we had to come up with as many ideas as we could of how to make the item better. As you can see down below i didn’t think of much.

After we look at the 4 items and came up with as many ideas to make them better, we went ahead and did a quick 5 minute task to talk about the pluses, minuses and the interesting stuff about the ‘preventing terrorism’ poster that got handed out as well as how we could make improvements, which you can see above. These exercises got my brain working and has helped me about doing divergent thinking for future tasks as the outcomes will only just help me get better ideas for my own projects in the future. While doing this exercise, we were told to keep in mind the What is? The What ifs? and the What wows?

Once we shared what we got with the three years groups, we were all sent away to do different tasks but we were going to do the same tasks as everyone else, just in different time slots. So my group and i went off to get coffee and tea and to chill chill undertaking the task of coming up with 100 ideas by divergently thinking on how to do a peaceful protest instead of a aggressive protest which could possibly help the prevention of terrorism/radicalisation. We could cheat and discuss as much as possible but we did it as a team effort.

Here is what our year group come up with:

Once the hour went, we needed to head into a mac room and do some Prevent research and by doing this we had to go on It is for educators not students but it is student friendly. We had to go through the e-learning task and take note of information about Prevent, the design styles and methods and the way in which the e-learning talks to you (Hailing).

This e-learning task did help me raise more awareness on the topic of radicalisation and how a certain mood could show it or amplify a individual to go towards such actions. The whole idea of this is to gain an understanding of what you can do in your day to day job to ensure that people are safeguarded from the risks of radicalisation. The institutions covered by the Prevent campaign also have a responsibility to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism. My thoughts on the E-learning task was that it had a lot of information that could help a variety of people that could be drawn to radicalisation and teachers which would help prevent a student that is drawn to such behaviour. The programme had nice simple illustrations which helped the programme to become visually interesting and had a lot of multiple choice questions which could imply that there are no wrong answer when looking at radicalisation. Also i noticed that the e-learning task had subtitles which shows that it is trying to help all types of people. I really do advise people to go on this e-learning task and read about radicalisation and how to spot it/someone being drawn to it.

Day 2

Day 2 was mainly just discussing in our year group of what ideas we all had and chose which is the better one. But at the start of the day, we first had a small task of brainstorming ideas for message and format. We pretty much was continuing from yesterday with the 100 ideas on how to peacefully protest about terrorism but this time we were coming up with ideas on how to portray it for example social media advertising or billboard advertising (I think this was what we were meant to do as the task that was given was confusing and i didn’t understand it).

But once we finished with that little task, we went ahead in groups of 3 and discuss what ideas we could come up with  and in the end we would connect with the rest of the group and talk about each of our ideas and vote on the best idea.

My ideas were:

Photo on 07-10-2016 at 13.31.jpg

The first idea i had was to have a mock up bus that had been blown up by a terrorist attack and place in the street somewhere. Of course it wasn’t a real terrorist attack but its just a slight exhibition to show what radicalisation/terrorism does and the damage it upholds. Nasty stuff. Inside the dismantled and destroyed bus would be hidden messages in which relates to radicalisation. The whole idea for this mock up bus would to be a shock advert but instead of a normal poster design, it would be a exhibition that you can actually walk in and i thought this would be far more interesting that a poster on a wall. My second idea which is also shown above is pretty much floor art on the floor of which this art is a 3d drawing of the edge of a cliff which you are standing on and in front of you will be a 3d drawing of the bottom of the cliff (looking real and everything). Next to you will be a sign saying Jump down and in front of you (or behind) will be people who are encouraging you to jump which these plastic figures/mannequins are secretly drawn to radicalisation. Also there will text on the ground saying ‘If someone told you to jump, would you?’ which would be the slogan here. This is pretty much making the audience think about overcoming peer pressure. Down below is a better drawing of what i am trying to explain. Thank you James Li for the amazing quick sketch.


Next we regrouped with the rest of the year and shared our designs/ideas. Here are the other ideas that the other students in my year group came up with:

After we discussed all of our ideas and talked about what could be improved and everything, we went ahead and voted for the best idea which was Ric’s idea:


So we all went ahead and started coming up with rough sketches for a good final design:

We all knew what the idea was initially, all we had to do is make it look like what we picture it from above. Our final poster would be the world as a puzzle with a few jigsaw pieces hanging out, giving us the understanding that the world can be solved with teamwork and communication and that everyone has a place where they belong (Which doesn’t mean that you would need to go towards radicalisation or terrorism). We also extended on the idea of building a sculpture outside the college with a projector shining over with the map of the world as a jigsaw puzzle. Furthermore, we thought on this idea as a GIF animation to be put on the big screen outside of the college also, giving the overall idea variation on how we can go about building it. While messing around  in different programmes, we thought for the time people a poster would be best just to show what we are talking about and so here is what the final piece looks like:

prevention globe.jpg

And if you want to read more information of the idea, here is the PDF we created:


This is what we got for our final outcome. Overall, i think we did a good job as a team in coming up with these ideas and resulting to a final outcome that the majority of us preferred/liked. I also think that this small project was quite successful in the research gathering as well as accomplishing a mock up and a written piece of how it would overall look if it was selected to go forward to be made.

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