FMP Development pt.4

After watching several movies which were all mainly action and drama, i kinda had a slight idea of what i could do for a design with the hooded figure after he killed his first victim. When i was watching the movies, i noticed that when a person who hasnt killed anyone and they kill the first person in their life, they normall look at their hands and see the blood of the victim/attacker and normally go into shock. But as most movies do it, i thought i could do it but in a slightly different way. I wanted to show that the hooded figure has just killed his first victim which happens to be the first person he has killed in his life and that he isnt in any kind of shock or depression. The hooded figure just looks at the hands and although he knows he cant control what he did because he is possessed by jack the ripper, he accepts his fate and is totally normal by it and doesnt feel at all.

To pull this design off, i would need to use real hands as reference to help me create a nice accurate design of a pair of hands. So i asked my brother to take pictures of my hands. I wanted to get the idea of the composition i had right by taking a photo of my hands like it is in a first person view. I was looking for a relaxed pair of hands without any shaking or distress with the view of some trousers/shoes and maybe the hood that the hooded figure is wearing.

I took multiple shots of my hands in differnt situations for example i showed being relaxed, distress and being angry all with my hands doing the speaking. But i knew which photo i would use as reference as it shows hardly any emotion. I think in this design i wont show the hidden essence as he is in control of his body for the time being but you could say jack the ripper is sleeping at the time.

After choosing the right photo that i thought was acceptable, i traced over it as a guide to help me create a pair of hands as ive always had problems in the past drawing a good pair of hands. Once i got the hands and legs all traced out, it was time to move on to the shading of the design. I had alot of thought about this but i felt like doing the shading of the picture i took would be better to use as the general idea of where the light is, is above the figure because he is at his own place just after he killed someone. After getting the simple black and white shading done, it was time to add the different shades of grey to the figure.

blog2altI was going to create this design with colour and show the colour of the hooded figure’s hands but after talking to a few people and getting their opinions on it, it was favoured that i should keep my style i have going on and keep the colour of the skin in greyscale.

I needed to do some research on how blood is portrayed and looks like. So i looked at blood in a type of manga style so that i could try to imitate the flow of the blood with my own style to it as well as i looked at real life bloody hands to see if it helps me to make the bloody on my composition look accurate enough to let the audience know when they see the design that it is blood.

After looking at multiple digusting bloody hands, i finally got some intel on what a bloody hand looks like in a type of comic and in real life and the only next step from here was to go ahead and try to create a style of blood that would suit the illustrative style i am doing.

Once i went ahead and added some what the look of blood onto the hands of the hooded figure, i noticed imediately how hard it is to create blood. I noticed that blood wasnt just one shade of red but with a large amount of blood in one area, that area will get darker so i went ahead and started mixing different shades of red in different places on the hand prior to where most of the blood will be at. After that i went ahead a slight glow to the composition because of the light that is shining on the figure.

Next step for me was to fix the colour correction by adding curves and levels to the composition so the contrast between the light and dark colours looked alright as well as get rid of the slight hazey look on the entire composition which you can see on the left above. After i did this all i really needed to do is just make sure that everything else in the composition looks alright.

Here is the final design:

Hands of a murderer-min

I like the way this design has turned out and i am definitely happy that i took a picture of a pair of hands to help me create this design otherwise i would have struggling lot on trying to complete this design on time for the deadline.

The next step is to do another design that could be incorporated into my FMP as well as do any other small little designs that i may need to do.

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