FMP Development pt.3

Onto the third design. I knew exactly what i wanted to do as a design and the only way i could do it by the help with my brother. I asked him to put on a hoodie so i could take different poses off him standing in the light.

I wanted a specific pose where it looks like the hooded figure has just walked away or is walking towards something while keeping a mysterious evil look.

So once i chose a picture of my brother with a good angle/pose, i imediately started tracing over him. Once i got the shape of the hoodie done, it was time for me to start shading the hooded figure prior to where the light source ive made is coming from. I wasnt going to use real lighting for my design as that would be way too complicated and the light in the picture isnt creepy/evil enough, so i decided to pick the top right of the composition to be the source of the light for this design. As the same with the other designs and keeping to a similar illustrative style, i mostly used brush strokes to move forward with the design.

Once i got most of the shading done on the hooded figure and trying to make it look like it is a hooded figure instead of something else, all i really needed to do is sort the background out which of course is going to bed and see how i could make the hidden essence pop out.

I had an idea when messing around with this design that the hidden essence on mostly comes out during the night instead of during the day. So the idea was to have one side of the composition to be dark and the other side light and without trying to compromise the lighting ive done for the design.

At this point, all i needed to do is make sure that the hidden essence of jack the ripper’s soul is visible on the dark side of the composition and to mess around with the background to get it to look right. I also messed around with curves/levels to make the contrast between the light and dark better and give the illustration a more evil approach.


I would have chosen this as my final design but i knew something was wronge when i personally couldnt see what was going on. For example, i couldnt tell that it was a hooded figure. I felt like there were too much going on in the whole composition and that the essence was a bit excessive. So i went back and remove some stuff so that people can understand what is in the design but they dont have to know what is happening or what is about to happen as the story is still a mystery.

Final Design:


At the moment, i am really liking this style that i am doing for my final major project because i like how the use of red gives the composition a evil feel/look to it. I am also happy with the hidden essence as in all of the designs ive done so far have looked incredibly creepy and has that sense/urge that something bad is about to happen which is what im slightly trying to portray.

Hopefully i can get around 2 more designs done which all have a slight conncetion to the designs i have already done. My next step is to try to think about what i can do for a design after the hooded figure has killed his first victim.

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