FMP Development pt.2

After creating the illustrative style that i like from the first design i did, i imediately went ahead and put my 2nd sketch in on photoshop and started designing it.

This is one of the only designs where it only involves jack the ripper and he is walking down a alley way by himself. The design itself is a bit wonky but im not looking to make a symmetrical composition as then it wouldn’t look and be a free hand drawn design. In this design i made jack the ripper fully black instead of adding some light on him beacuse well the light source is of course coming from in front/top of the whole illustration as well as i kinda wanted to make Jack the ripper look like a evil soul just walking by scouting an area if you would say. Straight away from tracing over my scanned sketch, i imediately started designing the sky and follow the same idea i did in the first design, you can tell that the design already looks creepy and evil. The reason the sky is red all the time is because im following the style of different shades of grey and red only as part of a illustrative graphic novel type of style as well as whereever Jack the ripper’s soul is, he brings this evil setting with him.

Straight after doing the sky and knowing where my light source will be, i went ahead and started doing the shadows of the whole design and although it looks cool, i thought i was quite hard to do the shading especially the way this desin is laid out. So i just took a gamble to see if i could make it look as accurate as i could. Following the style ive done with the first design, i used the brush tool to create a unique type of shadow and in a way it looks like the shadows are following jack the ripper which i think is amazing.

The next step for me was to add the iconic essence that i will be representing throughout all of my designs with a few brush strokes of black and red coming off of jack the ripper. Also not to forget, to make the design look a bit more accurate, i added a shadow behind jack the ripper and blurred it out a bit. I also added a slight smokey effect on jack the ripper so that the design looks even more creepy/evil. Pretty much from after this point on, the main key plan of action for me was to mess around with the composition and see if i can make the shadows stand out more and look better with the whole design.

I still had alot of trouble with trying to get the shadows on the composition look good and accurate but after creating a slight colour correction with curves and levels, i was able to create the constrast between light and dark a bit better. I added a grungey image over the entire composition and turned the opacity down quite a bit to try to give the whole design a nice textured look on it and although it may look a bit weird, i feel like it has made the design better especially because now it has gave the plain walls/ground a bit of texture on them.


I thought about making the ground or the entire composition have a slight red tint to it because of the sky being red and all but after testing it out i imediately disliked it because i feel like the whole design already has too much red on it and i thought it doesnt really look right at all.

So after taking the red tint off the whole design, i went ahead and just tweaked with the curves and levels to make the whole composition look better as well as make the constrast between dark and light suit the type of illustrative style im trying to achieve.

Here is the final design:


The idea behind this design was to make it so that jack the ripper is walking away from someone he just killed but after working on the design, i feel like ive completely steered away from the idea and created another idea. So now the main idea that im trying to give off for this design now is that the soul of jack the ripper is just roaming the alleys and streets during the day (as i keep saying i would prefer the audience to look at the designs and think of the story in their own way even though there is already a story behind it).

Creating this design was slightly hard for me as i didnt have a clue on how i would show the the light and the shadows and although it doesnt look entirely accurate, i feel like this is a solid design with a nice mystey story to add to it.

The next step for me is to going back to the drawing board and start getting all the new ideas i have out of my head and onto paper.

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