FMP Development pt.1

After going ahead and doing most of the research i needed to do in order for me to start coming up with ideas, i immediately started coming up with ideas and with alot of discussion with friends and tutors about their opinions on my ideas. Once i took in people’s critism on the base idea of my FMP which was to use Jack the ripper’s evil possessive soul as the hidden essence, i knew exactly what i wanted and needed to do.

Although the story for my FMP wont make that much sense (which it doesnt need to make sense), i feel like this could be a good type of project to do as it will push me to think of ideas and how to portray my final piece in the end. This also gives me the chance to learn new skills in photoshop and have a excuse to finally use my graphics tablet which i havent used that much. From the previous project which was the Design Factory, i knew for sure that doing free hand work is my strongest type of desiging than anything else as well as i enjoy doing it more.

I needed to quickly check out what most people though jack the ripper was wearing back in the victorian times or what the common clothes looked like. Using some sherlock holmes and movies that is meant to be set in the victorian times, it is clear to me what most people wore in that time which looked like big trench coats and pea coats you see these days. Ive also noticed that back then alot of people that were roaming the streets wore some sort of hat whether it was a top hat or just a flat cap, this is depending on the jobs they had or how rich a individual is. Its good to see that some fashion from the past is still looked upon and worn today as a good type of fashion.

So once i got a better understanding of what individuals wore back in the victorian days by looking online and watching some tv programs/movies based in this time, i went ahead and just drew multiple sketches using real references. The main goal for me was to get 4 designs done with a slight connection to them. I want the story to be as vague as possible beacuse i would like the audience to think what is happening within these designs and let them make their own stories/conspiracies up plus like jack the ripper, we dont fuuly understand the story like where he came from, who he is and what did he murder those people if that was him murdering them.

I dont know if i will put all of these sketches into photoshop and make them into one of my designs but i know for sure im going to design the first two as they are a key part of my story. One of the only problems i had at this stage is what type of illustrative style would i go for. For example would i only breifly sketch the images with only black as the shadows and white as the light, a more detailed approach or even a unique type of illustrative style. But after messing around in photoshop and looking up different graphic novels, i knew how i wanted to design my illustrations like. I felt like going for a restricted colourful approach by only using different shades of grey and red as my main style for the FMP.

I tried different types of free hand drawing. I tried drawing on photoshop within the pressure sensitivity on my graphics tablet but i thought it was looked terrible especially for the type of design i would like to portray because i literally had no idea how i could have portrayed the evil hidden essence that my FMP is all about although it did look very unique and would have been a weird type of illustrative style to continue on doing. The second image is a representation of what it looks like on the computer on photoshop if i drew like i did on paper but i found it completely hard to get it to look perfect and the free hand looked a bit wonky. But besides all the negativity and problems with these types of illustrative styles, this left me to try new stuff and possibly try to find a illustrative style in which i could possibly keep to throughout my entire FMP and future projects.

At this point i felt like my progress on my FMP was a bit behind due to the fact i was soo confused to how i could portray this hidden essence idea and with most of the research not giving enough ideas to try out so i didnt have long to find a style that i liked and could stick to.

Then i went ahead and looked around to see how i could portray a hidden essence that is inside you emitting from a individuals body. After a while of looking for ways to do this, i came across a game called bloodborne where you can see in the posters and cover art for the game. I incredibly like the way it portrays some sort of essence that is in side the character that has been possessing the guy in the cover and i thought i could try to do something like this in my designs. I thought i might as well make the essence red and black because it can represent evil and something that is not up to good.

So now i got some idea of how i can represent the hidden essence, all i need to do now is go ahead and put and design my ideas in the program i know best – Photoshop.

Starting with the first design i made (which happens to be my favourite design out the lot). The first thing i did was thatI made some small adjustments  with the whole composition/positioning of the design because i felt like it needed more room at the top of the whole composition just in case i wanted to add a title of not. I had to get some opinions from tutors and students to see what they though of how it was positioned (in 2nd image). Every thought the decision i made was a good once and although most people had different opinions and ideas for me, the one thing that i thought about alot was to move the hooded figure up a bit because in a the top hat figure looks like its talking its prey where in fact i didnt want to give this image off, i wanted it to look like jack the ripper’s souls has possessed this hooded figure and is now with him forever. But for the time being i didnt positioned the hooded figure and the top hat figure that much as i could always do that in the future. So once i got that out of the way, i went ahead and starting applying the light and dark tones of shade to the figures. The only problem i had with this was trying to get the wrinkles of the clothing for the hooded figure to look as accurate as i can get it but although it doesnt look as accurate, i think later on i will try cover it up with part of the hidden essence im trying to portray.

I wanted to create a background to show that where ever this hooded is, there will be some sort of trouble especially as he has the soul of jack the ripper possessing him to complete his unknowing quest which we have no idea what he wants to accomplish so i thought different shades of red would be a suitable background to show evil has arrived. To keep it to free hand drawing i used brush work to create the whole evil essence around jack the ripper and the hooded figure, i also tried to make it that the essence is latched onto the hooded figure as well without compromising the drawing of the hooded figure. I would like people to see that it is a hooded figure and not fully covered as sometimes in free hand drawn designs, it can be hard to pick out what the design it. Also with the brush work, i feel like i need to make it so the whole composition is not fully crowded as sometimes this can ruin the design (normally the less there is in a design, the better). Most people would have probably shown the hidden essence differently to how i have done it but i felt like using a dark red and black is the perfect representation of evil. I wanted to make the hooded figure the center of attraction in this composition because i would like the audience to think that the story is mainly about the hooded figure more than jack the ripper as well as to let the audience know that the top hat figure (jack the ripper) is not a person that other normal people can see but is apart of the hooded figure. To make the hooded figure the center of attraction, i had to blur out every thing else back the hooded figure and sharpen the hooded figure up a bit so  that our eyes are more drawn to him that anything else in the background.


To make the design better i just had to add some finishing touches to the whole composition. I added some shaped with textures on them in the background with a strong blur on it to obvious make the audience draw their eyes more towards the hooded figure as well as to keep the perspective in the composition that im trying to give off. I also added that background in there because i wanted it to look like the hooded figure is just having a stroll through a street with jack the street possessing him. I added more shading to the design to make the contrast of the light/dark stand out a little bit more as well as make it look a bit more accurate. I wasnt too sure about the idea of adding something of the top of the whole illustration to give it more texture but after talking to some friends and tutors about this, they also thought it looked better with it on. Speaking of making the constrast of light/dark stand out more, i added curves/levels onto the whole composition to make it look better but i only slightly adjusted these setting because i didnt want it to look like it wasnt fully hand drawn.

I really wasnt too sure if i should added the title of the story on this composition or not because most of the time it didnt look right as well as i still dont know how i am going present all of my design and i dont know whether or not im still doing a book or im just presenting each design individually. But for now i think im going to leave out the text on the composition and figure out in the future how i could portray the title’s name in the work. I was thinking of doing a case study or a rap sheet of the hooded figure which by the way is called ‘the ripper’ and thats why the title that i thought about putting on the composition is saying that. If i had to choose out of these 4 options, i would choose the 2nd one because it is the cleanest out the lot but i also like the last one because its the type of font that would portray this character, its creepy and thats how i think it suits the story as well but i think the positioning of the text being in the top right of the composition isnt right.

Here is the finished product of my first design for my FMP:

front covernotext-min

When i some what completed the design, it was imediately obvious to me that the style ive done is the type of style that i would love to keep on doing for my other designs because i think it is effective and helps create a weird and abnormal story within them as well as it helps me create this hidden essence that ive been meaning to try to portray in an evil way. Plus it looks like something you would see in a graphic novel which is what i am trying to do, create a graphic novel design feel in a way. One thing that i may do with this project is keep the focus on the hooded figure more than jack the ripper himself but show this hidden essence throughout my designs. I kind of would like the audience to know that the hooded figure knows what he is actually doing but all he can do is accept the fact that he has been possessed by jack the ripper and just goes with it especially as no one knows anything about him and no one knows what he has done. I might show this in one of the designs in the future as this has gave me a idea on what i could do. I love the way this entire design is composed and i am happy for how the first design turned out to be a good success in order for what im trying to portray. I think that this design would be the front cover/front design for anything i do because when you look at it you can see there is a good story behind the design and what is happening but as i said before, its up to the audience to picture what the story is about in their own way and this is why this has gave me the idea to deliberatly design all of my compositions in different parts of the mystery story that i have set out.

The only problem for me at this moment is to choose how i can portray all of my designs but i will research my options and see if i can do them for example, im thinking of doing some sort of journal with pieces of paper that comes out which is drawings that jack the ripper did back in the victorian times or even do some sort of simple case study. But i wont look into it at the moment as all i would like to do is get my ideas on the paper and start desiging all of my illustrations which now as i have done the first design, the other designs will be much easier as i have some the style that i would like to design in.

All and all im happy with how this design turned out and im curious to see how well i do designing the other illustrations.


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