Portraying my FMP Update

After reviewing my ideas for my FMP with other people and how i would present it, i have came to the conclusion that i wont be portraying my FMP as a journal anymore because im finding it hard to find a good leather journal in order for me to print on and with the time period im left with i think it will be quite impossible to pull off.

So after looking at a variety of ways that i could show my FMP, ive came to the conclusion that i would portray my FMP as a type of case study like the top secret government files you see in movies. But the problem with this is that is i dont have enough time to order one offline so i will be creating my own type of case study folder. Also i dont want it to be completely identical to a government top secret project file because i want to keep it within the graphic novel type of style so ill be creating a case study in my own way.4e87dd20e6bf9_91626b.jpg

Hopefully within the case study it will have 5 coloured graphic novel type illustrations, some drawings like Jack the ripper back in the victorian time drew them, little fallout items for example like a ribbon from a victim and maybe pictures.

The way i would like to portray my FMP is like this. Have a image of the old jack the ripper and the new jack the ripper on the first with other pictures around them.If not this way, i would just have The Ripper on the front and inside you would see all of the images and illustrations show the story that is not quite complete. I might also put in a pretend journal in there there is all burnt up that could possibly be the journal of jack the ripper but yet again i would need to find a suitable journal that was commonly used back in the victorian times as well as make it look like its been through alot.

Top-Secret.jpgEach day, more and more ideas are flowing through my head but with the time period i have right now of a few days, i would need to make my mind up fast in order for me to professional present my work.


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