Brief idea of what the story is about

Im not going to go into full detail about what the story is because i would like to keep it a mystery just like Jack the ripper himself by leaving out information so that bits of the story is gone and doesnt make that much sense. But however, here is what my story is pretty much about:

The story starts off in the victorian era in 1886 with Jack the Ripper entering in london via boat and leads up to him scouting out his victims around Whitechapel, London into leading him completing his famous actions that we all know about as well as some events that no one today still doesnt know about. Which then you will be taken into today’s generation where a teenager has been possessed by jack the ripper’s hidden essence (soul) and will be controlling him to continue on his quest which no one still knows about.

We all heard the stories but no one stills knows who Jack the Ripper is and what his quest is or what he looks like but the only thing we know about him is that he killed several victims, primarily female prostitutes. All we know is that he was real and so is his evil soul possessing individual people and the proof lies within his journal that Jack the ripper has been writing in, in which ill be portraying.

In this story, ill only be showing some fragments of the journal that the original Jack the ripper has had in the journal from the start as well as what the possessed individual has put in the journal from this generation. In the journal it will include drawings that jack the ripper drew as well as drawings/articles from newspapers which has been ripped and burnt from a accident in which jack the ripper back in the victorian era was trying to get rid of evidence of him killing the victims by burning down a building he was living in. he forgot that his journal was in the building and couldnt save all of the journal’s contents but still went back to add stuff to the journal.

Jack wouldnt keep the journal on him at all but would hide it in a place that only him would know where it is.

Before Jack the Ripper moves on and possesses another individual to continue his story, he places his journal is a secured location that only Jack’s soul would remember where it is so he can collect it and continue to write his story in it.

The original Jack the ripper is the one that we all know about in 1888 but since then Jack the Ripper’s soul has possessed several individuals throughout the generations to complete his unknown quest.

There will always be a hidden essence around us for example a fellow family member who died is watching over your shoulder or even perfume but thats not exactly hidden as we can smell it. But i tell you what is hidden, Jack the ripper’s soul

Have you ever wondered if there was actually souls that could possess people? yeah i know like the exorcist. Well It is a real and people can be possessed by a corrupted soul especially for this lonely teenager. He has been possessed by a evil, dark, brutal soul who has been possessing people through generations and the name that we all mainly know him as is Jack the Ripper.





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