Few sketches

Here are just a few sketches to help me come up with some designs for my FMP. I think i will use some of these sketches to help me talk about the story a bit.

The first page is just full of sketches that i may or may not develop on for example jack the ripper walking down a street or Jack looking at his surgery tools. I might use one of the fonts that is created as the handwriting for the burnt/ripped pages that is in the journal.

The second page is a sketch which ill be using of Jack the ripper walking through a alley way.

The last page is a sketch which ill be using where it describes that this kid just looks like a normal kid but jack the ripper is  in there commanding this teenager. So its like he is watching over him but really he has possessed him and now Jack is in the body of a normal every day teenager which is the perfect cover for jack to complete his tasks and continue on writing his story which ill be portraying for my FMP. I kinda want to show in the last sketch what the hidden essence would look like. it would be a normal teenager but with a hidden essence of jack the ripper shrouding the teenager.




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