Notes for FMP

What im going to do to show my work for my FMP is that im going to have a journal that has been mostly destroyed from the past but still has pages left for the current 21st century jack the ripper to fill in.

The cover of this journal will be a old type of leather that was used in the victorian era.

All the old pages will be painted in coffee and half of them ripped/burnt.

Going to mainly do pencil drawings so its like jack the ripper drew them.

Going to have some newspaper articles from the past to show that Jack the ripper is a narcissist and is proud of his work.

Going to have a third person view of the current jack the ripper in a hood with a dark evil shroud around him while other people walking past doesnt, to show the hidden essence.

Going to have some digital illustrations but thats mainly for the newspaper articles.

The previous jack the ripper tried to get rid of his own journal but failed doing so hence why there are still fragments of his journal still there.

Current jack the ripper will talk about this souls that has entered him – hearing voices, seeing red, talking about a random quest, his life has fully changed, new knowledge. This will be to talk about the hidden essence that has consumed him and now he will always be a different individual as he was before.


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