So for my Final major project i want to do a type of journal and in order for me to know what to do and how to portray my story, i would need to do some research and look at some journals from the past and nowadays to help me create my own custom made journal for my story. I would like to create a journal type of book in the style of old journals you would see in the past with drawings on the side and everything to back up the story/material that is being talked about.

Journals can also be called diaries in a way because you are normally using a journal to write stuff down that you have done in your life or what you saw.


Journals come in all different styles and sizes. A regular mid sized journal is normally around 6″ x 8″ with around 150 pages. The size of the journal you choose depends on your needs. You may want a mini or slim journal because it’s more portable (for carrying around in your back-pocket or purse), or you might want larger Ultra- or Grande-size journals for writing large and long pages of text.

Each journal is different because there is more to think about rather than the size and what to have as your cover on your journal. There is the paper quality to think about and the type of closure which is one of the main aspects of a journal. Do you want smooth paper to easily write on or do you want textured paper to draw on and create a interesting look on your illustrations? Do you want a elastic band, a metal clasp or even a magnetic clasp/strap/wrap on your journal? These will all vary depending on your needs but generally all of them will serve the same purpose.

With my FMP, i feel like i would prefer to have a journal that is as simple as it can get with a fancy closure like it was kept on jack the ripper himself. This will tell us whether or not he was stylish or not, giving the audience a slight idea of what jack the ripper was like (was he clean or was he very messy, not talking about his murders which we all know were messy). The idea of this journal is that it has been passed down through several generations and this journal is jack’s personally journal and the individual that is possesed with jack’s evil souls is drawn to this journal and will write about what he is doing from day 1 as well as talking about his one major unknown quest which no one knows anything about except jack the ripper.


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