An idea

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 12.02.18.png

I had this idea that i would have like newspaper articles on the front of the journal to show that Jack the Ripper is a narcissist and that he is proud of his work and his past. I also wanted to make the front cover look like and feel like it was made in the victorian era as well because in this journal, it will have pages that the original jack the ripper have wrote in.

I would like to keep my FMP is the style of the victorian era in a way for example back then they didnt have many colours to use so ill just be using the main colours they had like shades od coffee brown.

I used that font for Jack the ripper because it suits the whole journal idea of a posh type of handwriting and ill probably be using this font for the majority of my FMP to give the audience a small idea that jack the ripper was actually a stylish individual and could write properly like a royal.

The reason the sides are dark is because i wanted to create the effect that the journal is old and is worn out so it has been around for a while.

Just the name “Jack The Ripper” conjures up visions of old cobble stones streets, mystery and the eerie feel of the dark alleys in Whitechapel, London. Thats because in the 1800s a serial killer was terrorising the streets and even now well over a 100 years after the events, the killings are still widely talked about and thats because Jack the Rippers murders where never solved and who exactly he/she was is still one of the worlds biggest mysteries in crime.

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