Hidden essence

When I think of hidden essence, i normally think of like a hidden evil spirit which has clouded our vision to see what is actually there.

A hidden essence could be alot of things including a ego, a souls and even stuff like perfume and deodryant or even a hidden potential that no one knows about. But with my final major project i think im just going to keep to the idea of a hidden evil soul in which is Jack the ripper’s soul. With my idea, i am using the essence of Jack the Ripper to help me come up with a weird, deja vu story of this no life teenager continuing on Jack’s mysterious quest that no one knows about except him. This evil soul will shroud the teenager and will influence/make him do what jack wants to do so you could say that Jack is now this teenager. Who is this individual? where does he come from? what is his past? who is he working with? no one knows just like in the past in the victorian era where no one knew who Jack the ripper was but all the police had to identify him was the way he killed his victims and thats because they all have the same M.O.

I kinda got this idea of the hidden essence from bloodborne because in the game you get injected with this special blood and now you see a completely different world with all sort of human like monsters. So in a way this blood showed you what was actually there that normal humans cant actually see.



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