I’m getting most of my inspiration from games and tv programmes mainly at the moment.

Some games that i got some of my inspiration from is the Dark souls game series as well as Bloodborne. They both are similar games but the scenery and designs in both the games are close to what i would like to achieve in my final major project with the whole hidden essence scene as well as keeping as modern as possible.

With my final major project, I wont be taking any of the story from these games into mine except all i will be doing is taking some ideas from the designs from the aspects that are in them as they are perfect for what i would like to show in my illustrations.Bloodborne™_20150320190804

Looking at these types of games can give me some ideas in which i could add and portray in my illustrations for the story for example the sky being red, which could represent that evil is upon us as well as give the scenery that is in the illustration a cool feel to it. Another idea that this game ‘bloodborne’ has gave me is the design of the clothes, weapons and buildings that is used throughout playing it.


This is a Tv show  is called ‘Peaky Blinders’. The reason this is my inspiration is the clothing that was used as well as the structure of the buildings. I know i most likely wont be using the structure of the buildings from victorian times in my final major project but its just something that inspires me to involve within my own work.


Here is a screenshot from the video game called Assassins Creed: Syndicate. Its from one of the DLCs that they are selling for the game which is to do with Jack the ripper. This is also put in the victorian times and the reason im adding this into my inspiration is because Jack the ripper was a major event that happened in these times. I like the way the game portrated the character that you get to be as which is Jack the ripper  whose identity in the game is also unknown and the way its unknown is because of the weird paper thin mask that is used to cover up the face.

Looking at these will give me a clearly understanding of what i could potentially do with my final major project. I am sticking with the idea to do with jack the ripper’s essence shrouding a commoner possessing him to do abnormal things as well as to continue on Jack the ripper’s unknown quest. I feel like this story would be amazing to portray and ive got to say ive already got some ideas on what i would like to do for the front page of the book. I also feel like it that i should make this book in the style of a journal. But its all ideas and i will need to develop on them and try a range of stuff to see if it works or not.


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