Reflecting on FMP Crit

This past week my tutors set up a small crit for us to show the tutors and other students our progress with our FMP and although i feel like i havent done much for it, the crit was very helpful in order for me to go into a direction i would like to go in. I had alot of ideas and visions on what i would like to do with my hidden essence story and while talking during the crit, everyone helped me come up with a idea that would be quite ideal for what i would like to do. This Crit has also been helpful especially as its in the early stages of the project as now it give me time to plan how i would design my final illustrations for the first first pages of this book.

One thing that i may need to learn is the value of time management because it seems that i have slacked a little the past few weeks in order to getting my FMP done properly. If I plan ahead on what im doing during the next weeks, it would give me a better chance of being satisfied with my FMP as well as getting a decent result.

Also after talking to the tutors and other students in order to get some help on how i would portray my illustrations, i came to the conclusion that i would design them by freehand because in a previous project, i did the same and it turn out perfectly. As well as i think ill be doing my book as a type of journal as that would be easier and more reasonable for me to do freehand drawing. Im very glad that i did the crit because now i know what i could do with this hidden essence scene and ill be using jack the ripper ‘essence’ which has been possessing people throughout the past centurys as well as this has gave me a quick story that i could potentially create and work around on.

The next thing i will do is do a little bit more research on journals and jack the ripper to see what i could potentially use to design the characteristics for my designs. Also i will draft up some pages to help me see what my final designs could look like.


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