Progress on my story

The past week i have came up with a few ideas on how i would like to portray my story and here is what i have so far:

The victorian times was a diabolical age for terrible events such as murder and crime but the one major event that happened in those times was Jack the ripper. Jack the ripper was unidentified mysterious murderer who was a symbolic state for killing a selective amount of people know all to be female prostitutes who lived and worked in the slums of the East End of London. The victims throats were cut prior to abdominal mutilations and were left on the street in the public. The killer was called ‘The Whitechapel Murderer’ as well as ‘Leather Apron’ according to case files and several journalists.

No one really knew who Jack the ripper was or what he looked like and how long he lived for but one thing is for sure, his pressence is still with us. Throughout the past few centurys there have been hundreds of murders who have the same M.O as Jack the ripper’s murders back in whitechapel district of London in 1888. His evil essence has been passed through many random people, possessing them to do abnormal duties. He doesnt proceed to another person until the body dies in the victims he has possessed.

With this evil essence we also see alot more than Jack the ripper’s essence shrouding a commoner turning him into a secretly dangerous and furious beast, we also see that the victorians times have actually stayed with us. The modern buildings we see today is masking over victorian buildings so we havent moved on from the past at all.

Jack the ripper has possessed a individual to help him complete his quest. What is his quest? No one knows, but we are sure that he will strike again and we will just have to keep our eyes open.

Will his essence ever be destroyed? Will we ever be safe?


I think that i would design my illustrations for this story as a type of journal and 3rd person perspective, like a over the shoulder type of story. The story of course is fiction but will have similar stuff from the past that may have or not been true.

This is not the full story but it is a guideline that will help me to create something.

A idea of a illustration i had was to draw jack the ripper walking down on the same road in 3 different time periods. One in 1888, one in 1940 and one today. All the buildings would have changed as well as the individuals that were possessed by Jack the ripper but after the first illustration, the commoners would have a hidden essence shrouding them in which no one could see.



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