Before going ahead and start designing some illustrations that will be for the final product, i went into photoshop and messed around with some of the tools to help me get started.

First of all, i got a random image from the internet and i just went ahead and applied different types of effects that is from the filter tab in photoshop and the one effect that i liked the most was dust and scratches and this is what it created. It completely took out the main detail of the hoodie and created this type of illustration looking design as well as leaving a texture over the image which ill most likely use for my illustrations but i will have to see if it will ruin the illustration or give it a nice feel to it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 09.57.36.png

Im still trying to find my own personal style for me to design my illustrations for my FMP but i know for certain that from creating a quick lantern above, i will be creating the timeline of the hidden essence in the victorian times. Also i know for certain that i will be keeping most of the designs dark and sombre because this hidden essence is meant to show that there is more evil than what we can actually see with our own eyes so ill be using the colours like brown and red alot to show this.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 09.58.46.png

This is the first ever quick drawing i did using my graphics tablet and this does have something to do with my work because i would love to set my illustrations in the victorian times so therefore i designed a horse and carrage as well as what most of the building would look like although it looks like a modern London that you see today anyway which makes you think, did we really move on from the victorian days? I thought using the graphics tablet for the first time was actually kind of difficult and hard to use but thats probably because i havent practiced at all as well as havent messed around with the settings of the tablet to suit my designing needs.

What i will be doing next is ill be practising trying to create better scenery which could possibly be used for my final designs and look around on how i should portray the hidden essence fully.


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