A few ideas and thoughts

With my final major project, i would personally like to create a book that would tell a story about this town having a hidden essence and how this town has it and not any over. So what i will be doing is looking into what types of book and style would suit me to tell the story and portray my designs to the public.

I would like to mainly show my designs for my final major project instead of basing it on the story. I would like the audience to be indulged with the designs more so that they can value the idea and make them think about if the hidden essence could be an actual thing and we are too blind to see it.

The timeline that i would like to design my illustrations  in would be in a victorian type of time with the types of buildings and ways of transport they had back then as well as i will be involving some features that you see in these modern days for example, the clothing of some teenagers would be trousers and a hoodie.

I would like to show the audience that the hidden essence is showing us that the victorian times actually stayed with us and not the good bits for example jack the ripper has possessed most of the people living in this town and are secretly dangerous and furious beasts.

Im still not sure on how i would portray my designs but after looking around at some designs, it has gave me alot to think and possibly try out.

I would personally like to think i could design my illustrations like these but as im going to be using a graphic tablet for the first time, no-one could possibly know what the outcome would look like. I like both of these types of illustrations especially the design on the right and the reason why i like it is because its different and you dont see alot of designs that mainly use the different shades of grey as well as in this type of conceptual art.

The first type of illustration is more of a fantasy style which would be awesome to have a go at and try to design my illustrations like this. I really like the spooky feel you get when you look at these types of illustrations, which also looks kind of epic in a way and the reason i like this is because it makes you plant yourself into this different world by seeing it through these creative illustrations, which will also give you some idea of what could be out there if this fantasy world was real and how the amount of ideas could be endless. Also another thing i like about the first illustrations is that the detail is quite fine for example if you look at the wolf, you can see each and every single strand of hair which gives the illustration more depth in shading and texture.

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