Final Major Project Proposal


To design a series of illustrations to portray what a specific place actually looks like but we with our own eyes cannot see for example we see normal everyday teenagers but really they are hungry scavengous wolves hunting, another example would be that we see this normal town but really as the hidden essence we see what it truely is – a hell hole, some sort of battlefield with blood everywhere. I intend to create several illustrations and put them together in a type of book to show what people cant see within this town or city and any other types of secondary promotional items which would include something like; advertisement posters and website banners.

Target Audience:

I would assume around from the ages of 18-40. The reason i have chosen this audience is because it might not be suitable for the young and the elderly. Also the art in these illustrations would kind of modern so it would be better if today’s generation was to be the main audience due to that they would be more into it.

Specific Individual Outcomes:

I intend to produce several illustrations to portray this place as a hellhole instead of what you see it as with your own eyes.

Any secondary items such as a website, a promotional advertisement poster and website banners/adverts will designed if time permits.

Research & Methodology:

My research methodswould include me checking out TV programs that would be based around a alternate universe to get some ideas of my own on how i could portray my work. I would look at artists who have done illustrations to show something what it truely is and not how we see it will our eyes. I would look at old art work on how they portrayed hell as a place on earth, this would include me looking at medieval art work, art work this is biblical and revolves around religion, contemporary art as well as purgatory art work.

I would also look at how other types of countries portray hell and i think if i looked at different types of art, it could help me build on the style i would like to do.

I will also be looking into books and how they are layed out as this would help me to design my own book to put these illustrations in.

Here are some examples of what ive looked at so far that i would say has helped me with getting some ideas:

-White cloud worlds (foreword by Guillermo Del Toro, Introduction by Richard Taylor, Edited by Paul Tobin) An anthology of science fiction and fantasy artwork from Aotearoa new zealand. – Book

-Warren Mahy – Fantasy artist

Learning Outcomes:

I intend keep coming back to my learning outcomes to make sure I am achieving them successfully and evaluate my work accordingly.

Testing Outcomes:

I will evaluate my work through out the entire process but I will have a couple of check points set through my production schedule to help step back from my work and use semiotics to deconstruct my work and see how I am achieving the learning outcomes. I will also get opinions from other people.


I intend to investigate and try out different techniques to create my illustrations for my book, perhaps looking into different types of techniques like make the designs look like they were painted. This would allow me to find a illustrative style that i like and would keep to.


Through out the development and research I intend to keep reflecting back upon my work and see how I can improve my work .

Professional Practice (Portfolio):

The final outcomes is that i would like to create a book that would invole a series of illustrations that i have created which can be included into my portfolio. I will also take photographs to show what it would look like on a shelf with other types of books.

Production Schedule:

The way i would schedule my production time is that for the first few weeks i would research a bunch and see the different ways i could design these illustrations which would also mean that i would have a go at some different styles before starting to actually design the main illustrations for the book. Once i feel like ive got enough research and did a bit of divergent thinking, i would start to design the main illustrations that will be in the book as there will be a few big designs to do. After i have completed the book/illustrations, if i have enough time, i would go and research ways in i could promote the book and therefore design some advertisements.




  • A quick idea i had was to design a concept art of what hell and heaven would look like.
  • Would feel like an old fashioned style.
  • Would be like a normal life
  • But with heaven, you are in a place that has everything you ever wanted and you are safe from any types of danger and all objects are elegent and beautiful as well as its tranquil, nice and peaceful as well as fun.
  • Hell would be the complete opposite, you have to protect yourself from the wildlife that is outside of buidlings in the wasteland, everything would be disgusting, on fire and alot of destruction.
  • Seeing a specific place for what it truely is (a hidden essence) – The real hell
  • Dont know whether it would be a series of posters or a book on why this specific place is hell (use metaphors like teenagers are scavenger wolves of the town – old men are the human hunters of greed)

Things to think about:

  • Have a story?
  • Biblical – Religion?
  • Contemporary art?
  • Heavan and hell paintings (exhibition)?
  • Medieval?
  • Hellraiser movie?
  • Traditional or not?
  • Sterotypical hell?
  • Purgatory?


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