The Storyboard

To show what my product is, i thought it would be suitable to show it as a storyboard instead of just a single illustration of a wrapper.I think showing my idea like this would give people a better understanding of what im talking about when it comes to the edible wrapper. All designs/drawings are concepts.

Scan 5

For the first part of my storyboard, i wanted to show what the edible wrapper would look like so i drew an example of the edible wrapper next to a normal wrapper. It would look like a normal wrapper except the differences would be the texture of the wrapper and what it would say on it for example instead of having the Twix brand on it, it would have either something funny or some facts about the environment. Also the edible wrapper is biodegradable which is a massive difference from the normal plastic wrapper. Hopefully one day plastic wrappers would not be a issue for us as well as littering.

Scan 4

Scan 3

In these scenes, i wanted to show what the users would do with the wrapper. The first drawing shows that you can just unwrap the wrapper and just eat the contents inside it which will most likely be a chocolate bar, and that in the second drawing, i show that you can just eat the wrapper with the bar inside as the wrapper is edible for humans and animals as well as its not harmful at all.

Scan 10

Scan 11

Scan 2

In these scenes i show one of the outcomes of what would happen to the wrapper when littered. The whole point of the wrapper is to reduce littering and make a difference in today’s world. When the wrapper is littered, over time it will degrade into the earth as it is biodegradable due to that the materials that it is made of that is also edible for anyone and that when it rains, the wrapper would dissolve quicker. The wrapper should not encourage people to litter but encourage them to think and help out the environment more as well as think of a more sustainable and healthier future.

Scan 6

Scan 12

Scan 1

Scan 7

Alternatively, I wanted to show that even a little furry animal can eat this wrapper because the wrapper is made out of non-harmful materials. Ive seen squirrels eat random stuff before rather than their normal nutty diet so this wouldnt change much. Just another squirrel happy with a full stomach because of the wrapper.

Doing this storyboard has helped me develop and improve my drawing and shading skills as well as it was fun to do. This is good because in the future i will be doing concept drawings more often to show my main designs in a quick sketch.

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