My proposal

No matter what we do, it seems as if littering is a problem that will always be us and although people are trying to reduce this, it really doesn’t seem to be effective. But with my concept idea/design, littering could possibly be reduced by a large amount, if not reduce litter, then maybe my idea would inspire others to make a change and do something good for the environment.

My idea is pretty much an edible wrapper but on certain products for example chocolate bars. The reason I think this idea could be strong is because if the wrappers are edible therefore the wrapper could be bio-degradable as well, so if people wouldn’t eat the wrapper and they litter it on the ground (or in the correct bin), then the wrapper itself will degrade with the earth instead of normal wrappers in which will stay there and wont be able to degrade. This whole idea is to hopefully prevent harmful littering in our environments and encourage people to help the problem of littering out.

The wrapper itself will have hardly any taste or smell on it because the wrapper would be edible for wildlife, if they choose to eat it as well as it wont be harmful in any way to humans or even pets, all you would see this wrapper as, is extra food or something bio-degradable like a banana or potato skin. The edible wrapper would feel more like paper instead of the usual plastic that wrappers are made of. The wrapper wont be changed too much from the normal wrapper design you see today because I don’t want to put off the people who enjoy eating chocolate/snacks so I felt like keeping the edible wrapper as close as possible as I can to a normal wrapper so that they are not too afraid to try this new edible wrapper and experience it out. People would be able to bite into this wrapper easily as it would just be a thin layer of edible wrappings just to preserve the contents inside also the wrapper wouldn’t have much taste because consumers are buying the products they like and not because of the wrapper, although there may be some people that will buy sweets with this type of wrapper on it because they feel like they are taking part in something big as well as they taking part in something that will help the environment.

The wrapper would be interactive and educational as well because it would have different writing on the wrapper instead of having a brand’s name on it for example it would have something like ‘plant me in the ground and see what happens to me over time’ or ‘eat me’ or even some jokes and facts about litter that would encourage people to stop littering and damaging the environment. Considering that this would mean something would need to be stuck on the wrapper, whether it is food colourings or some sort of ink that us human can digest without it being harmful.

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