Planning my Storyboard

For my final PDF, i will be showing my idea as a type of storyboard so i went ahead and searched for different types of storyboards and see if I can get any ideas for creating my own.

After looking around at the different types of storyboards there are out there, ive noticed that there are alot of storyboards that are in sequence with scenes after each other. After thinking this over, ill be doing a story board with different outcomes like what happens if you actually litter the wrapper or when you place the edible wrapper in your garden for animal to eat.

Scan 9


This is a quick plan of how i will be presenting my storyboard with the images i drew. The reason i want my storyboard to look like this is because i want to show people what may happen to this wrapper in different circumstances when littered and the whole reason for this wrapper is to not worry about it at all as it wont harm or affect the environment in any way for example, it will dissolve quicker when water is poured onto the wrapper and it can be eaten by wildlife as it wont have any harmful materials in the wrapper at all.

The main reason why i am showing my idea through a type of storyboard is because i feel like i could explain what may happen to the wrapper when littered as the main reason for this wrapper is to reduce littering and for people to experience something new.


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