More development on my idea

When it came to my idea, about it being a edible wrapper, i started thinking how would i make it edible in the sense of not getting germs on it when other people start picking it up at a supermarket and the first thing that came to my mind was fruit skin (peel or rind). Depending on the thickness and taste, fruit peel is sometimes eaten as part of the fruit, such as with apples. In some cases the peel is unpleasant or inedible, in which case it is removed and discarded, such as with bananas or grapefruits. With fruit skins like apples, you would need to wash it first before eating it to get rid of the germs on it from other people touching it but in this sense i cant do that to my idea as the wrapper would dissolve.

I dont know how my idea will exactly be sold whether it will be sold individually on the selves or in a pack or even a box.

Thinking more about the idea being bio-degradeable, i thought that the wrapper dissolving in water would be a good way to make this work when littered but i didnt take into account that when people pick it up on a rainy day, their hands might be wet and therefore dissolve the wrapper in a matter of minutes which although it could be sustainable, the customers however wouldnt be please with a chocolate bar with a fast dissolving wrapper on it leaving the goods exposed.

I personally think that this chocolate bar should be sold in a recyclable box like the chocolate boxes from Cadbury’s Heroes and Roses.


The wrapper itself will have a chocolate taste to it as it would be wrapped round a chocolate bar but it wouldnt have any sort of chocolate materials on it as some animals cant eat chocolate so it would be bad for the wildlife and pets. The edible wrapper would feel like a gritted paper and wont feel like the normal material you have for the normal chocolate wrappers. The wrapper would smell like a normal chocolate wrapper. I dont want to change the wrapper alot to put off the people who enjoy eating chocolate/snacks so i felt like keeping the edible wrapper as close as possible as i can to a normal wrapper so that they are not too afraid to try this new edible wrapper out but also have a cool experience along the way. One way that i would need to make my edible wrapper better would be to make it look convincing as you could eat it as well as keeping in the process that it looks really nice to eat instead of a plain and boring wrapper.



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