Idea development

Scan 5

This drawing/sketch is to show that my edible wrapper will be like a normal wrapper but mainly with one colour (brown if its for a chocolate bar) and would feel like something you can eat instead of plastic. Another thing that would be different about the wrapper is that it would have different text on it for example instead of having the twix brand on it, it would have something like ‘EAT ME’ on it or something funny to get the audience (mainly teenagers) more attracted to the product instead of the plastic, non-biodegradeable wrapper.

Scan 2

Here is my edible wrapper being one with the earth and natural life, when it rains, it will be dissolved into the earth and wont be seen anymore (one less wrapper wondering in the wildlife, bye bye dangerous litter).

Scan 1

Here is a quick concept drawing of my edible wrapper being eaten by a squirrel looking for food, he couldnt find any nuts to eat so he is having a munch on something new to him as well.

What i will be doing next is continuing on with drawing up all the scenes for my storyboard to be completed.

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