Research – Concept Designs

Because I want to showcase my product as a type of storyboard, i thought it would quite useful to have a little look of how current concept artists are doing theirs and see if i can get any type of ideas while looking at it and how they portray their concept of an idea.

So I went ahead and looked at some concept art for products that hasn’t been made yet for example the concepts could be for films, new products, cartoons, characters for a game etc.


Concept art is a very useful type of illustration that artists use to show off a specific idea which would mainly be used for films, video games, animation, comic books and other types of media before it would be put into the final product. Concept art can also be referred as visual development and this term can also be applied to retail, set, fashion, architectural and industrial design. Before going into the final product, artists normally try several different designs to achieve the specific result they are looking for or maybe sometimes they do several designs to find a interesting result that they could use. Concept art is not only used to develop the work, but also to show the project’s progress to directors, clients and investors. Once the development of the work is complete, advertising materials often resemble concept art, although these are typically made specifically for this purposed, based on final work. There are all different kinds of ways to do a concept design, for example the main two ways to do concept art you could do a concept design just by sketching out your ideas whether you are doing it in full detail or not and alot of people (mainly car manufactures) use a programme to generate a 3d model of a product.

An concept artist that i really like is ‘Ryan Church’ and although his work is not in the format of a storyboard or most likely wont have anything to do with my work, I feel like his work he is a true inspiration to me. Alot of people wont know who Ryan Church is but he was the ‘Concept Design Supervisor’ for Star Wars Episode 2 & 3.

I like the way he portrays all of his concepts with tremendous amount of detail instead of a quick sketch and If you have seen Star Wars Episode 2 & 3, you will see that literally most of his work portray the same pictures within the films itself.

For my idea i am mainly doing designs in the form of a concept drawing/sketch and the reason why im looking into different concept designs is beacuse i feel like it would be ideal to do my design for design factory in a concept type of drawing. The way I would do this is to show my idea in a type of storyboard format. Another reason why i wanted to my idea in a concept format is because i want to feel like im designing for a business who is thinking of making my idea.

I really like drawing/sketches because no matter what you could put whatever is on your mind staright down on the paper/computer and although if you make a mistake within your drawing, you could always rub it out and try again. Its hard to specifically say why I personally like drawing but i just prefer it to alot of other forms of designing because its raw and it will never go out of fashion. I also like the fact that you can put in tremendous amount of detail into a design when drawing whether its shading or drawing in the small details the hair of a lion or wrinkles of a old individual. Another reason why i like drawing/sketching is that when i shade (smudge) i find getting my hands dirty to be fun and entertaining because it reminds me of a kid when i used to get all types of stuff on me like paint and dirt.


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