Research – Litter problems


Ten Primary Sources of Litter:

  • People dropping rubbish in streets and roadways.
  • People throwing rubbish out of their vehicle windows.
  • Uncovered loads – Items that are not secure can easily be blown out of trucks and cause roadside littering.
  • Household refuse disposal and collection.  Animal scavengers and the wind can dislodge unsecured items placed out on the corner for collections.  Litter can also result from overloading trash containers.
  • Commercial refuse and disposal – Poorly secured commercial refuse can easily become litter.
  • Construction projects – Litter can come from uncontrolled building waste and workers’ lunchtime refuse.
  • People at leisure.
  • Entertainment events – Events create a large amount of litter, which can overflow onto neighboring areas when measures to cont it are not carefully planned.
  • Illegal dumping.
  • Intentional or habitual littering, for reasons such as laziness or acts of rebellions.

Through experience and research, I have noticed that when litter on the ground is shown, it initially attracts even more litter and normally when you see a clean area/community from research people are therefore discouraged from littering and which improves the community’s appearance and quality of life. Research and experience have also shown that litter is the result of individual behavior—choosing to litter or being careless in the handling of waste.

Although litter is an important environmental issue, around 94% of people actually identify that litter is a problem but the real problem is that we still manage to see alot of litter around. Alot of people are yet to realise that litter affects every member of society for example: it can cause harm to people and animals, damages our waterways, cost us money and suggests that we do not care for our environment.

Litter also have many more effects if lying around for example: Litter can cost money because removing litter from the environment would cost everyone money and that litter can be a fire hazard due to accumulated litter and careless discarded cigarette butts lying around. Also litter is a threat to public health due to that litter would attract different types of vermin and would provide a breeding ground for bacteria.  Items such as broken glass and syringes can be a health hazard in public places.

So with my idea hopefully, this wont happen. My edible wrapper would dissolve within the waterways instead of being sent into and polluting our drinkable water and if the edible wrapper is seen lying around like litter then rain could dissolve it away or any type of animal could eat it as it wouldnt put then in harms way due to that the edible wrapper will be made out of stuff that isnt dangerous at all. Its about time to see less wrappers lying around!


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