Research – Design Museum

For design factory, we had to go to the design museum where there was ‘designs of the year 2015’ ehibitions and the whole reason for us to go on this trip is for the first PDF we have to include one or several of the exhibits into it as reaserch and talk about them.

I have chosen to talk about the Monument Valley Game.


Monument valley was created by using programs on a computer and the people who designed the artistic game was Ken Wong, with artist David Fernandez Huerte and programmers Manesh and Van Le at Ustwogames, UK.

It was released for IOS in April 2014, Monument valley was named Apple’s best iPad game of 2014 and had sold over two million copyies by January 2015.

On their website they say their game is “An illusory adventure of impossible architecture and forgiveness”

Ustwogames’ aim was to “create an emotional and intellectual journey, along side which every screen is a visual treat” and i can say that they have done this perfectly!


I thought this game was outstanding because it literally made you think on how to solve the puzzles which in any ways people could call artist especially implementing a creative illusion within the levels. This game certainly made me think outside the box and forget about reality while i was playing this and thats probably why i think this game is incredible because it tests your brain to see if you can complete the paradox/maze/puzzle.

I noticed while playing this game, that they used alot of colour and illustrative style designs in which looked like something from a japanesse type of style to create this powerful look for the game.


The game is made from geometry, impossible arcitexture and forgiveness.

The game was made through a series of programmes in order for it’s creation.

The only materials this game would have needed in order for its creation would be electricity and programmable coding.

This object was made electronicly so it wouldnt have used any sort of raw materials to create it.

The people who made the game could have used a disc in order to place the game on but the game would be too small to even use a disc in the first place which therefore they would be wasting some materials due to not using all of the space provided within the disc up. Instead they put up on the internet where people could play it electronically in which wouldnt use up alot of materials except electricity.

I think the game’s purpose is get the audience thinking as well as enjoying the artistic values of the product.

Every screenshot of the game could be printed out and put on a wall because there is some sort of art throughout the entire game which is different to modern game designing.


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