Concept drawings on my idea

Here are two drawings i did to show what my idea will pretty much be like. The design/idea is a edible wrapper and in these drawings i show what the wrapper would most likely look like. It would look like a normal wrapper but would have a different feel to it. Although you could eat this wrapper, you could also rip it like a normal wrapper and dispose of the wrapper if you dont want it on in the dirt as it would be bio-degradeable and thats something you cant do with a ordinary wrapper.

People would be able to bit into this wrapper easily as it would just be a thin layer of edible wrappings just to perserve the contents inside also the wrapper wouldnt have much taste because consumers are buying the products they like and not because of the wrapper, although there may be some people that will buy sweets with this type of wrapper on it because they feel like they are taking part in something big as well as they taking part in something that will help the environment.


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