My Audience for my design

I have thought about this for a bit and i feel like my audience would be better if i aimed it for mainly snack wrappers as thats one of the main objects you see in litter piles and in which the snacks audience would be mainly aimed around teenagers. One of the reasons i think teenagers would be an ideal audience for my design/product is that the people that litter the most is mainly teenagers and with my edible wrapper, the littering rate will hopefully go down. The reason it will go down is because teenagers would just see it as food and would most probably eat it but if they dont eat it then it would be chucked in the bin like a normal wrapper. Unless the teenagers litter it then the wrapper would have different ways to reduce litter itself for example rain disolving the wrapper or it being bio-degradeable and can be eaten by any types of wildlife. Also another reason is that teenagers are hooked onto the newest and coolest technology and stuff that comes out so this product would be good for them cause its a new invention that they havent seen so they will most likely think it is cool therefore my wrapper would create a certain experience for them.


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