Divergent thinking (brainstorming)


This is how i got to my idea of edible wrappers in the first place, i went ahead and wrote some problems on a paper and see what i could get from that. The reason why i wrote problems down is because i feel like to make a difference or to make it different, you need to fix the problems that have been an issue for a while. As you can see i wrote down some problems that we face these days and how we could possibly help this problems out for this generation. The only two categories i felt like need properly fixing (all these problems needs fixing one way or another) or should i say is the priority of the problems was that the materials we get from Earth is depleting and of course littering. After Thinking about my options, i chose to make a difference with littering because i think the idea that i have could really make a difference especially with teenagers as it will make them learn quickly in a way about not to litter as it could endanger the animals that live in the wild as well as it is bad for the environment.

I didnt choose earth materials as the problem to make a difference around because there is already ways to help solve this problem and that is to reuse these materials. I also didnt choose the others because i personally thought that these are already being handled with professional help and that some of these problems are all caused just by yourself, like depression, you could get depressed because you overthink about something that isnt going to happen or you dont move on and live your life, and yeah people may still be depressed these days but they can get help by people and their friends/family.


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