Research/ideas – Edible wrappers

Ive been doing some research on how i could potentially make an edible wrapper that could also be bio-degradeable and i have found some recipes on how i could make this work.


I looked at some film first and thought that i could wrap the chocolate bar or sweets with a Edible film and when i did some reaserch i saw that you could make this from potato starch and soy lecithin. It has a neutral flavor, is paper-thin and may be purchased in a variety of sizes. Though it’s clear and dissolves almost instantly in water-based environments, it does NOT dissolve in oil or in bases that have low water content. It holds both liquid and solid ingredients. I think this could work for my idea to put type of edible film to wrap round a chocolate bar but the film would be see through and you would need to remove it from any type of water as the film would be dissolved quickly and therefore leave the chocolate bar vulnerable and it could go off. Also this is a perfect idea for making a change beacuse all the wrappers would dissolve when it rains or when landed in a damp place and therefore leaves littering out of the question as well as the answers to reducing landfill waste. Coming to think about it, if i used this type of film for the wrappers then the wrappers around the chocolate should not have any sort of harmful ink on it just in case people eat the wrapper and if not people, other animals that would come to think about it. Also unless you know that the wrapper is clean and hasnt touched any dirty surface then it would be advisable that people should not eat the wrapper just in case they catch some sort of disease. And as i said before you would need to keep this in a cool, dry place and make sure that it doesnt touch water in any way until you want to have it as it would dissolve almost instantly.

I could also use glycerine and powdered gelatine to create a edible wrapper but therefore i might not be able to use this method cause some people are allergic to gelatine. Gelatin is a protein that is formed when skin or connective tissue is boiled. Although rare, allergic reactions to gelatin have been reported before.

Another way that i could make this edible wrapper is by using agar which is a seaweed-based gel. But the only problem with using this is that it wouldnt feel like a wrapper anymore, it would just be gel covering a chocolate bar. You can throw them in the grass or disintegrate them in a matter of minutes with hot water but the problem with this is that they could take months and maybe years to degrade, often leaking chemicals in the process which might not be good for the environment and the animal living in it at all. Also every wrapper that is eaten or composted, we would be saving some landfill space and even if its a small percentage that would have atleast some sort of impact on the environment which means that it has made a difference.

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