New Assignment – Design Factory

The new brief is Design factory and the topic that we have to use is ‘Make it Different‘.

For the end of the assignment i need to create 4 PDF boards and what i need to do for this assignment is:

-Visit the Design Museum’s ‘Designs of The Year 2015’ exhibition as a stimulus for your research.
The Outcome for this is that i would have created 1 board of exhibition response and analysis.
-Identify and investigate a potential future user for your new system of making, as a way of identifying or finding a context for the intervention.
The outcome for this is that i would have created 1 board of research – defining the user and the circumstances for intention, not the intervention / system itself.
-Through your own creative practice, develop your design idea for a manufacturing system from an alternative present or future world.
The outcome for this is that i would have created one board for development, and a second for the design solution, plus a written statement of 500 words.
Introduction to design factory:
“Design! Make! Buy! Use! Dispose? Design is part of a linear industrial production system that too often takes things from design to disposal. We face a future of limited resources, but we still evaluate good design primarily by aesthetics or utility. Both of these criteria are important, but on their own they may not address the larger system in which the design is implicated. The alternative demands us to ask, critically: ‘What is the design made of? Who made it? For whom? Where does it come from? What happens to it next?’
As designers of the future, we can design less or we can design better.
Sustainability has become a widely used term, used increasingly in the context of design. But what does it actually mean? Sustain a bility has three components: environmental, social and economic. Can design be good for the planet, good for people and good for the economy all at the same time? Rather than design just to make things, can we design to challenge the way we make them? Can you imagine new ways that sustainability could transform design?”
My idea:
My idea is pretty much edible wrappers on certain products for example chocolate bars. The reason i think this idea could be strong is because if the wrappers are edible therefore the wrapper could be bio-degradable as well so if people wouldnt eat the wrapper and they litter it on the ground, then the wrapper itself will degrade with the earth instead of normal wrappers in which will stay there and wont be able to degrade. I need to do research into this but i think that the ediblewrapper should be healthy in some sort of way like a banana or a potato has their own wrapper to preserve the goods thats inside but you can also eat it as well as its healthy and bio-degradeable so this is what my idea is kinda like but on sweet wrappers. This idea is to hopefully prevent harmful littering as if they do litter then its ok cause the wrapper is bio-degradeable and wouldnt harm this planet or the species at all and even so insects/animals could potentially eat it as it wouldnt have any harmful chemicals in it so therefore its food for animals that might need it. I know there are edible wrappers out there but its not a big thing and its mainly been done on stuff like cupcakes (stuff that doesnt have a wrapper to preserve the goods inside the wrapper).
Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.19.56.png

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