How I got to my final designs

Firstly, ive always wanted to do a creepy type of illustration and something simple enough that it would still look good on printed media.

The first thing i did was to research stuff that i personally found strange or something that would class to the word ‘unknown’ which would include something to do with a guy under a hood, game characters that are unknown, masks and what other people have designed that could be classed as a unknown character.

Here are the pictures that gave me some ideas on what i wanted to design for my final 3 illustration pieces:

I pretty much used these images to build the bases of my individual unknown characters. I liked the whole idea of using a hood or a mask as the main design for my ideas because they give a really good feel to the word ‘unknown’. I used the bottom right image to get some ideas on what i could do to make the hair blend with the other objects (hoods, masks) and I felt like i should mix these up to see what i could do for my illustrations. I also liked the design with the creepy smile on the hooded individual so i thought i could do my own smile on one of my designs.

Here are the drawings i have that were developed into my final illustrations:

With the research i did to get ideas, i drew some ideas of what i would like to involve as my final illustration and after thinking about what i would like to design, i felt it would be best to draw something that are all in the same area but in different persectives. I was originally going for something that would be classed as ‘unknown’ at the same time as mythical but i felt that it wouldnt be enough to describe the mythical designs as unknown. So i stuck with the designs i drew with strange hair being the design as a hood or a mask. This design idea of the strange hair will most likely stick with the band throughtout all the future album covers.

So I then traced over the 3 illustrations i wanted to use and added colour onto them.

Here are the three main illustrations:

So here is the 3 main illustrations that i will submitting as my final pieces. first and second design are faceless characters with thick wavey hair as the hood and the last illustration is just a mask with the thick wavey hair. I kept to the thick wavey hair style because as the proposal said “all designs must have something in common that could be used for future designs as well” so i kept the hair as the main thing in common to represent a slight link to their characters. I didnt have any specific reason why i chose these colours for the design but i felt like i should use some dark/dull colours like around the colour brown because I felt like it gave off a weird unknwon post-apocalyptic feel to the illustration and i personally think it worked very well. I did try other colours but they didnt really fit the unknown feel to the illustration.

This is the image that got me thinking of using the colours i used:


I went ahead and looked at other album covers that are suited with The Unknown’s genre of music which is metalcore:

I looked at these metalcore album covers to get some sort of inspirational on what type of design i could do for the album cover but i didnt get much but these are the album covers that really caught my eye while searching around. One thing i instantly recognise is that all of these designs are really creepy and horrorific to look at and thats what i would like to go for when designing the albums covers but i dont want it to be too weird or graphic. Also all of these album covers are quite dark and that is a element in which ill most likely impliment in my album covers.

I then went into Photoshop and put these illustrations in 3 seperate designs:

I personally wanted to keep the theme of the design being weird and unknown so i decided to do 3 different designs that i would see as unknown. I decided that i would use a dark background for all the designs because it gave them more of a creepy, unknown look to the images which is what i wanted to go for. I like all of these designs that i have created but if i was to improve or change anything with these design is that i feel like i should have gone ahead and expanded in a different direction for a unknwon look to the album covers instead of keeping to the dark scene.

Here is a mockup of the covers on CD covers:


I think these designs look good on a CD album cover and I think the designs will work very well in the future when the album is released.


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