Research on ‘Unknown’

In order for me to try to design something that would represent this band called ‘The Unknown’, i needed to look around to see what Unknown actually means and to see what some images would resemble the work unknown. When i typed in Unknown on google images, alot of different stuff came up including a silhouette of a person, a human figure with a question mark on top of it, a faceless figure and even video game characters.

I also think that mythical creatures could come up as unknown so i could think about going into that direction.

Unknown could mean alot of different things but they all come to the same definition like unknown could mean a stranger, an unexplored area and even anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found. You could also go along the lines of unknown value but that goes to a different subject.

I like the whole idea of a faceless figure with a hood on as well as  something that doesn belong in our world/environment. My next move is to draw the few ideas i have in my head.


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