I had to think a lot about what i wanted to do and i wanted to go along the lines of illustration based work.

The work i will be doing is creating 3 different unknown looking characters that will all look similar in a way but are very much different of the new uprising metal core band called ‘The Unknown’ which they will be using it for their new album called ‘Antipathy’ and their future album. The characters would need to look like its not from planet Earth and needs to look mysterious and therefore unknown. The band would basically use this character as their icon throughtout this album and maybe their future albums. With the characters i am going to create i will need to produce a coloured version of them and with these characters i will need to put them on a CD album cover which therefore the band can decide what design they like for their front cover of the album and which can be sold online and in stores around the world. If they like all the designs then they will use one for this album and the other 2 for future albums, all I would need to do is change the name of what they are going to call the new album. I do not need to design the back cover of the CD cover as that is already designed and will be kept in the same design throughout their future albums. All designs must have something in common that could be used for future designs as well. The band does not want a logo as they dont think they one due to the fact that people will definitely remember them by the designs on the album covers. Another point is that the band doesnt want the design to do anything with the album’s name althought you can put a slight reference to the name but they want the design to resemble the band’s name itself.


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