My Summer Project

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Here is my four double page spread final designs.

I got most of my ideas/inspiration over the holidays from just looking at different things around me including billboards/magazines and even youtube videos. I wanted to design the four double paged spreads to some of the stuff that i like or enjoying doing for example, i love having pets so i designed something to do with my cats and i like to play video games so i designed something about youtube gaming/my setup.

The reason why i did the cats poster the way it looks is because in this magazine called ‘Practical Photoshop’ there is a page that inspired me to do the way i laid the page out with 3 main columns on the first page and a big image on the 2nd page. All the pictures i used for this double paged spread were taken by me of my two adorable cats called ‘Minnie & Noodles’ (weird names for a pet, i know).

For the youtube gaming double paged spread, my initial idea was to get a picture of my setup and talk about it but instead i talked about Youtube gaming and the pros/cons about it. I didn’t particularly get an inspiration for this design except that i wanted to try something out that has been on my mind for a long while. Plus i did get an idea from

The double page spread where it has lyrics on it from maroon 5’s Payphone song is my favourite design out of the 4 and the reason for this is because it is the cleanest, brightest and it is the design that took the least amount of time to do. I’ve always wanted to do lyric videos but i thought about doing a design where it has lyrics on it instead just to see what it looks like so i picked a random song (Maroon 5 – Payphone) and took some lyrics and

The fourth spread is pretty much about a gaming/luxury keyboard that i liked the look of and though it would be cool to make some sort of advertisement for this specific keyboard that shines different colours. Most of this was just messing around in photoshop to see what looked acceptable or not, for example the background blur on the right page where the text is was just from messing around in the filter options that photoshop had to offer and I personally liked it and thought it was a little different than have to use the clear spaces around the keyboard to put the text in so then instead i could just put the text onto on the background.

My Main Research

To be quite honest, during the summer holidays I didn’t do a lot of research or got a lot of inspiration from designs and everything around me but I resolved myself around messing around with Photoshop to learn new skills and to see if they can benefit me in the future. But the research the magazine layouts I look at to get an idea on what i should do with the type in the double page spreads are these:

magazine final.indd 10 images pagination_01

One thing i found out when looking at these is that every layout is completely different, like the designs are different and the type layout is different for example, you get some layouts that the text used are fitted straight to the end of the text box like the 2nd and 4th images and then you get text layouts like the 1st image. I haven’t seen the type layout for the 3rd image that often thats why it caught my eye the most as well as i love what they did with the main design.


For my razor black widow ultimate chroma advertisement type of double page spread i tried to look online to find out what type of designs there are that i could get some ideas for my own design and instead of looking for designs on the web, i went straight to my friends house as he had the exact keyboard and we put it back in the box and took a picture of the packaging design. For my design i wanted to keep along the same lines as this design but change it up a bit into a advertisement instead.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.35.59

For my Lyric poster, the inspirations/ideas i got from this was literally a lot of different lyric videos that i watched recently (all the lyric videos were to metalcore/hardcore music) but the one that caught my eye the most was “Crown the empire – payphone” lyric video.  I just like the whole idea how they portrayed this lyric video with this unique type of colour scheme and I personally thought about doing the same type of this but i bit more cheerful and colourful.


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