My Business card Final Design

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Here is my final design for my graphic design business card and the first thing i would like to point out is that i chose the colour blue not just because it looks nicer and better than other colours but because it is my favourite colour and i would like the business card to show what I’m into and what is to come so showing my favourite colour is a big part of the design. As well as the pain splashes and the reason why this is on the design is because this gives a little preview to the people who have my business card of what i like as well as to tell them that i am quite artistic and thats if they don’t know what a graphic designer is.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 14.27.47 Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 14.27.59

Here are just some examples of the other colours i looked at that did not work for my designing needs. Yellow looked a little week and pink really suit the style i was going for. Plus i thought blue looked like a professional colour to pick to show that i am a graphic designer as well as being my favourite colour.

The type face that i used is called “nexa bold” and the reason i used this certain san-serif font is because as a business card, i would personally like to show people what type of font i normally like to use in my designs as well as i didn’t use a serif font at all is because it is sometimes hard to see on small designs and that i didn’t really want to use a font that is known for such history. Also nexa bold is the only font i used in this business card because it is a good font as it allows me to use different weights of the font (italics, bold, light, normal) as well as it is one of the only fonts that looks really clean when the lettering are both in caps and under case. Although i was considering using a calligraphy type of font for my name or the graphic designer bit on the front of the design to show that i am artistic but i personally thought it looked a little weird as i am trying to go for a professional type of layout for my own business card.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 09.18.58Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 09.43.11

Here is the alternative design for the back of the business card and the reason i did not use this design is because i felt like the details themselves would confuse people in they were clipped in the blue rectangles. Also i thought using this layout with the rectangles slowly getting smaller gradually going down the line looked weird. To add another reason why i didn’t use this layout is because the spacing of the text didn’t look nice and for a business card, it would be hard for people to read text that has spacing in it so for the main and final design i chose not to use any spacing in my text so that people can read it easier.


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