Business Card Research

002-graphic-designer-business-card-template-vol-2 5-business-cards business_card_v2_by_DesignersJunior business-card-designs-12 elizabeth-romo graphic_designer_business_card_16 graphic_designer_business_card Graphic-Fusion-Design-Business-Card ksd-cards-497 modern_graphic_design_business_card_template_by_arenareviews-d7ockhr

After looking at these business card designs for graphic designers, i feel like every design is unique and in a way shows off what they are into and what style of designing they have done. So as a idea i feel like making a business card with my face with a little preview of what i like (paint splashes) and with my favourite colours would be a ideal way to start designing my own personal business card.

Pretty much all of these business cards uses a san-serif font and so keeping with the trend i would use a specific san-serif font called “nexa bold” and the reason for this is san-serif fonts are easy to read and it makes the design look clean and simple. Also the reason i would use a san-serif font rather than a serif font is because for the business card, you are only just giving people the smallest preview of your work and what you like as well as some of your details so that they can check you out instead of showing history on the card which serif is mainly used for.

Some Graphic designer’s business cards normally show a design they have produced in the past that they like or something that indicates and portrays the designs that they are into and are good at designing. Also a little trend I have noticed on some business cards is that on the back of the business card, there is normally the contact details of the designer as well as the background colour is normally a dark colour with a light text colour. So for my business card i would most likely use a dark grey as the background and my favourite colour as the light colour of the design.

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