Text Messaging


When we text, we don’t really that we are doing it but we put soo much expression into our text messages. For example we all have put emotions in our text messages like 🙂 and XD. Additionally all of these makes a text message unique because you can show what you are feeling within the sentence you sent as well as using exclamation marks (although they are overused as well as the ellipses…)

One of the major problems with text messaging we get is that we tend to not look at what we have typed and create words that doesnt make the sentence clear or something along the lines for example here is a little conversation where a guy typed in a word and it came out wrong.


Ingnoring all this above. with my punctuation mark, i want to be able to create sentence and indicated if the sentence before the one in front is relevant or not because half the time we just text random stuff and we do it fast and without paying attention, people who is reading your text messages could get a little confused about what you are saying or trying to imply.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

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