Quick sketch and little development

Digital Camera

Here is a simple sketch of what my punctuation mark would look like on the keyboard for the pc and a android mobile phone.

One little problem i have noticed with my punctuation mark is that it is a little too big and not just for the keyboards. But the way this punctuation mark would work  could be perfect because in a way my punctuation mark could potentially count to the end of a sentence like a full-stop or it could work as a comma depending on the way people portray their sentences.

Also this punctuation mark that i created would work with serif fonts as well as sans-serif because my mark is just pretty much straight lines and so for my mark for the serif fonts, i would just had the little detail on the ends of the mark.

For example looking at the difference between sans-serif and serif punctuation marks, my mark could potentially look like this:


With all the flicks, I must admit, it does look a little bit weird but it works cause my punctuation mark is pretty much 3 dashes connection to make a off related switch.

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