Media Research (Youtube & Twitter)

My view on digital media is that i think it is the source of any media that is published and portrayed on a computer so pretty much its normal media but manipulated by computers. A big part of digital media are social site like youtube and twitter and i will be explaining why they are digital media sites and why they are useful!

Also digital media is made up of all different formats which vary from video files (mp4, wmf, avi) to sound files (mp3, wav, aff) and image files (png, jpeg, gif). I think the whole point of digital media and the sites that use this type of media is all about sharing information with the world whether its from social media sites to video games.

Here is a great video explaining what digital media is on a digital media site:

YouTube-logo-full_colorYoutube has been around for a long time and is the most popular site on the internet that can be classed as a digital media site. It is a digital media site because we can show people live footage of what is happening around the world as well as portraying videos and media that we enjoy like cat videos and music from people like Psy and Breakdown of sanity. People upload videos to youtube varying from videos people created of themselves to documentaries and therefore there are different ways to indicate that youtube is digital media.

I think that Twitter can be considered as a digital media because twitter has all of these trends that indicate the people who use twitter what is going on at the current time as well as people can use twitter as a blog to share stuff with the audience and friends and normally every news station has their own twitter account so that they can post stuff about the news to the people who are interested in whats going on in the world. Typically digital media is mainly about sharing information with each other and twitter is a great way to express and spread information to people and that can be done especially with the retweet feature on twitter also people can favourite tweets if they like them and to read them back in the future in their favourites section.



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