Looking at simple web designs

Here are some nice and simple web designs that i liked and got some ideas that i could try to add in into my portfolio web design.


I like the simplicity in the designing for this website for a company called Grist. One thing i like about this web design is that they are using a blurred images around the site and onto of those blurred images are a simple white text or logo to define where the link will take you also I like the whole idea of using a certain colour scheme – white background, greyish text, light grey for accessories like boxes. Furthermore, for my design i will implement and consider using some of these features in my site to get some ideas in order to create my final piece especially using the blurred image with white text onto of it. For my design, i would mainly look at sans-serif fonts instead of serif fonts because serif fonts is mainly used to show a history of something and i just want to keep my design simple and a sans-serif font like bebas and nexa pro are simple enough for my site.


i don’t like this design as much as the other 2 but i really like the top bit of the design (the banner) and i like the whole black and white colour scheme also i like the retro/vintage type logo of the business at the top which is mapped around the black banner at the top. Stuff like this is kinda what i would love to involve in my web design. When it come to my design, i would mainly like to keep it photo based not text based cause its meant to be a portfolio of my work, not a description of my life and the way to get people looking at my site, i would need to to provide more photos and little text. The only text i would include on my site is a small description of who i am and a small description of why and what the image in the portfolio is about.


I really like this web design because of how simple and effective this site is especially for what its purpose is for. One major thing i like about this site is that the designer used little logos for most of the pages to go on to know about this company and straight away i can see that this is a surfing workshop company. Another thing i like about this site is that it have one big image at the front of the page to give people a clear idea of what the company is about as well as it has white text on top of the image and i like the background colour which is not white but is a very light grey which normally you don’t see a lot of sites have. By looking at this site, i would consider using some icons for my idea in order to fully overcome the final design. I also noticed that this site uses a variety of fonts – san-serif fonts for the titles and big lettering and a serif font for the small text to give it more volume to it when read.

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