Planned obsolescence Infographic posters

I looked at some specific info graphic posters especially made for planned obsolescence and i found out that all the designs are different but they all convey the same message which is that planned obsolescence is a bit part of the design in products and it is being used way too much and i think it is being taken advantage of. The reason i say this is because there are companies who are using or practicing with the act of planned obsolescence in their products and an example of this would be apple and then bringing out newer generation products nearly every 8 months. All of this is just to create more profits and to reduce the shelf life of the older products and only to promote the newer and more recent products.

Looking at the shelf life poster, i thought that i could potentially use the icon that lasts the longest which is stuff like honey, salt and sugar compared to stuff like the iPhone and cans of soda and stuff like that for the main design.

6a010536e2600a970b019103c10979970c chartoftheday_2514_iPhone_Releases_n transparency Print

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