Infographic Posters

I started looking at some ethical info graphic posters to get some ideas on what i could potentially have in my group’s poster and these are the posters that caught my eye and that i found very interesting and unique. Most of the normal info graphic posters that i have looked at all have facts and statistics involved with them so I’m thinking that i should try and include some facts and statistics into our group poster as well as there are normally a bright colour scheme and charts within these types of posters. I think that info graphic posters should contain more images that text in order to keep the poster more entertaining as well as keeping it eye-catching for the audience to look at.

Out of these 4 ethical info-graphic posters, i personally like the first 2 poster designs as they are both simple as well as they both involve strong messages in them to make the audience see what it right and what is wrong with and in the world.

Back-Page-Infographic-HIGH-RES-1024x599 dlb_interest4.1 Trucking factoring - An infographics busethicsfinal


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