A prime example of planned obsolescence

One brand that is a prime example of planned obsolescence is apple and their iPhone products.

They have iPhones that are only meant to last around 1-3 years because apple makes new versions of the iPhone every year and they also come out with a new operating system for apple users to download to free but then newer phones can only download the newer operating systems and that the old phones are not able to update at all and therefore the user is mainly forced to buy the newer version if they want a phone that doesn’t feel “sluggish”. Especially with the iPhones, the battery life is not meant to last that long for example the iPhone 4 battery life decays after 2 years and that when people downloaded the IOS 7 update on their old iPhones, the battery life started to run down a lot faster than usual. Also the operating system (iOS 7) was being pushed out to existing users and was making older models unbearably slow and however the iPhone batteries had a infinite amount of charges in them to begin with, were drained by the new software. A new battery for these phones would have cost people around £50 and to get a new low end iPhone 4, it would still cost people around £75+. So therefore pretty much, apple is making people a stupid offer, get a battery is that more than half the price of the phone or get a entirely new upgrade for just £20 more than the individual battery. There are literally nearly any difference between each new model of the each version of the iPhone brand except from little tweaks and changes but then comparing it the price range between each iPhone is just bigger than what it should be.

Pros and Cons of planned obsolescence for businesses:



  • Gain more money – profit
  • More money for time to make new upgrades – make more products = more money (Only if the customers are loyal to apple)


  • Could potentially lose customers due to unreliable products.
  • Bad reputation for a brand – poor quality
  • Slow innovation – the technology is purposefully “hidden”

Here is a interesting video about apple using and practicing with planned obsolescence:

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