Planned obsolescence

Planned obsolescence is pretty much where a company or someone makes a product where in a certain time period, the product will be become out of date or useless.

UnknownAn example of this is my phone is meant to last 3 years and the reason behind this is because all the component in the phone are deliberately designed to last for a certain amount of time and therefore during the years products are literally raising in prices but are not lasting that long so then the company is getting more profits and the consumers are blindly buying these products. Also products ranging from inexpensive light bulbs to high-priced goods such as cars and buildings are subject to planned obsolescence by manufacturers.

For planned obsolescence to work, the customer must feel that the product that they are going to buy has the value for money therefore the consumer must have enough confidence in the manufacturer/company, to replace the original product with the modern equivalent product, from the same manufacturer.

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