New Assignment – Ethics in Design (Group work)

In this new module i am to combine information graphics with a theoretical or philosophical topic – in this case ethics in graphic design. I will have to work in groups and i am free to decide on what material is appropriate for our infographic. But we should show that we have considered ethics holistically, seriously and from not just your own perspective. The piece should be informative and meld type and imagery in an effective and engaging manner.

We are to design a A2 poster that is folded and inserted into the magazine and the magazine we are designing this poster for is called “Communication Arts Magazine” and they are producing a series of information graphics fold-out posters about cultural issues and theories that impact on the creative industries.

I am to design, as a group, an information graphic that explains ethics for graphic designers as straightforwardly as possible. Use a mix of type and imagery in information graphics style. Be informative rather than dogmatic!

My group is:

  • Kyle
  • Will
  • Rick

We have created a blog where we will be re-blogging all the important bits that us three all together have posted on our  individual blogs so then it will be easier for our tutors to give us a grade.

The blog link is:

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