Ethics in Consumerism

One topic on ethics that i found interesting was Ethical consumerism and it is pretty much the understanding of purchasing products and services that is produced to minimise social and/or environmental damage while avoiding products and services that are deemed to have more of a negative impact on society or the environment in general.

So pretty much buying stuff only what you need and making sure that what you buy is not wasteful as well as only 1% of products last around 6 months while only 3% of the UK market is devoted to the production of ethical goods. Furthermore, being an ethical consumer would mean that you would need to buy products that were ethically produced which is not harmful to the environment or our society so for example you could buy products like organic produce, fair trade goods, energy-efficient light bulbs, electricity from renewable energy, recycled paper and wood products with Forest Stewardship Council approval in order to help the environment more.

Another example of ethical consumerism is consumers buying food that comes from a local farm or to make your own food as then you know its natural and ethical.

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