My main final design idea (Environmental Spread)

2nd spread2 2nd spread3

Here is what i think is my final design for the environmental spread.

The reason i changed the design a bit from the previous idea is because i believe that the previous design didn’t suit that great as well as it didn’t look clean enough so i re-designed the magazine completely to this layout. Also there are the same amount of columns in this design which is 6 on each page (4 pages) and the grids and gutter measurements are the same.

i got this idea of using this type of layout by looking at modern and simple magazine layouts that i have looked at in the past where there is either a big image covering most or all of the double page spread or where a image only covers one of the two pages with a bit of the image entering the next page to make the design look a bit more modern.

i still didn’t change the text colour scheme as i thought keeping it plain and making it contrast with the white background gives it a effect that it looks elegant and modern as well as it makes the audience focus more of the imagery that is on the page which is to do with the environment around us that we see everyday.

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